Case Studies

European Common Agriculture Policy Jonathan Lebed Marseille and Ancona Fish Markets Microsofts Pricing Strategies Minimum Wage in Germany Open Source Software Our Customers Are Our Enemies Street Fighter Mechanics The Aralkum Desert The Baby Bells The Bloody Roi The Flying Shuttle The Sunk Cost Fallacy

Empirical Examples

Estimating Market Supply

Interactive Figures

Aggregate Supply Figure Average and Marginal Costs Answer Figure Average and Marginal Costs Figure Backward Induction Exercise Tree Black Box Production Figure Cobb Douglas Cost Minimization Figure Cobb Douglas Producion Profit Figure Cobb Douglas Production Figure Competitive Equilibrium Welfare Figure Constant Returns to Scale Figure Convex Production Set Figure Cost Folding Figure Cost Minimization With Price Changes Figure Cournot Best Responses Figure Cournot Equilibrium Exercise Figure Cournot Unstable Exercise Figure Decreasing Returns to Scale Figure Diminishing Marginal Product Figure Entry Game Tree Excess Demand Figure Excess Supply Figure Extensive Form Tree Factor Demand Figure Feasible Set Figure Fixed Proportions Production Figure Group Pricing Example Market Figure Group Pricing Example Price Discrimination Figure Group Pricing Example Uniform High Price Figure Group Pricing Example Uniform Low Price Figure Increasing Returns to Scale Figure Inverse Factor Demand Figure Isocost Figure Marginal Rate of Substitution Figure Monopoly Deadweight Loss Exercise Figure Monopoly Deadweight Loss Figure Monopoly Minimum Efficient Scale Figure Monopoly Profits Under Cost Changes Figure Monopoly Profits Under Elasticity Changes Figure Non Convex Production Set Figure Normal and Extensive Game Representation Exercise Tree Output Input Isoprofit Figure Output Input Isprofit Slider Figure Perfect Competition Welfare Figure Perfect Substitutes Production Figure Personalized Pricing Example Monopoly Figure Personalized Pricing Example Perfect Competition Figure Personalized Pricing Example Price Discrimination Figure Producer Surplus Figure Production Costs Figure Production Function Curvatures Figure Profit Figure Returns to Scale Exercise Figure Root Producion Profit Figure Root Production Function Slider Figure Sequential Game Tree Spatial Competition Figure Supply Function Figure


Technology Profit Maximization Cost Minimization Cost Types Firm Supply Market Supply Monopoly Monopoly Behavior Game Theory Oligopoly Externalities Public Goods